Podcast: Asking the Right Questions

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  There is a lot of health opinions and advise offered freely on the web.  How much is true?  How do you sort it out?  Who is an expert? Does Yale or Harvard mean more than Ohio State when it comes to physicians, statisticians or perhaps veterinarians?  

Sometimes we tend to listen to answers without taking in to account the question that were asked?  It makes a big difference on how information is provided.  Perhaps you have heard the phrase, on a need to know basis.  

Today I will be asking you to think about some questions I pose?  Do you really know the answers?  Don’t sell yourself short.  Look at your life experience when contemplating some of the answers. It might lead to more questions.  We are all learning, and when someone is sure of all the answers, you had better ask more questions.  

I hope you enjoy the episode.  Check out our website at to get more information on my practice.  Thank you for listening. 

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    Suzanne Matthews

    WOW! What a great Podcast, Dr. D!!!!!!!! You covered so much….from the vaccine issue to the BMI,to plant based eating and great nutrition,the supplement issue,to exercising ,a vital necessity,to hugging your family and/or animals….and asking lots of questions …….and to live your life and be cautious………..each of us have different issues going on in our lives….some have a lot of stress,some have no stress….this is a hard time for most of the world and hopefully,it will ease off soon……..but as you said….keeping the body extremely healthy is of utmost importance and that means the right diet and lots of exercise……….thank you for being there for us!

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