Podcast: Bad Things Happen to Good People

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Why is the fundamental question when it comes to finding a solution.  My heart goes out to the families in Uvalde, Texas. How do we end these recurrent acts of violence in our communities.  We argue about more police or less guns as a quick fix or deterrent.  While these things may help, we need to address the fundamental question of why? Why is there so much anger in young men that they would repeatedly take the lives of innocent strangers?  The most recent shooter purchased weapons and massive amounts of ammunition without anyone raising concern.  He posted messages announcing his plans and they were ignored.  Most likely he had been ignored for a long time as well.  Our communities have been isolated and separated.  We turn a blind eye towards neighbors in need until tragedy occurs. 

We turn a blind eye as health providers and consumers as well.  We ignore signs and symptoms of underlying illness and then patch with pills and procedures.  Let’s treat the why and quit patching symptoms.  What is the root cause of most life style diseases? It is the food we eat and how we move.  Mental toughness, mental fortitude or simple mindfulness allows us to assess the changes we need to make. We are not helpless. Consistency is the key to success whether training for a marathon or regaining health.  

Get a calendar and keep score of the days you exercise and what you did.  Plan your meals and shop accordingly.  Stand your ground with the your choices and keep your why clearly visible.  You will not hurt anyone by eating healthy, and you might just help someone when you are not looking.  It is time we ask why. 

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    Loved the “motion is lotion”quote! Go omega 3s!!!! Thank you for continuing to teach us what we need to know to be the best we can be! Really liked your comment saying you are not giving up you are enhancing your diet with plants. Never have had soursop, think I need to try it.

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