Podcast: Happy Holidays, Keep it Simple

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Happy Holidays!  This is the time of the year to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future.  Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses.  One of my favorite songs is Simple Gifts.  One of the lines paraphrased is “Tis the gift to be simple is the gift to be free, Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be”

We tend to complicate our lives and our nutrition more than we need to.  In the season of overindulgence, try to find ways to make things a little more simple.  

I present a study today on sodium and blood pressure.  The take away was that nearly everyone can lower their bp by reducing the sodium intake.  The best way to do this is make food yourself.  I will give you a few examples in today’s podcast for celebrating a little healthier. 

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Thank you for listening.  Happy Holidays.  

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    Suzie Matthews

    Omg! I love,love this music!!! So beautiful and representing the true simply things in life…….my simply thing today is so wonderful….it’s xmas day ,the heavy rain has been coming down for hours,it’s a beautiful overcast outside and I’m indoors with these very special dogs and kitty enjoying the quiet and peacefulness of the day……a very happy day for us!
    And the salt thing IS a real concern….sometimes can’t get the rings off my fingers…….I do most of my cooking and meal menu planning at home and notice the difference……
    You guys are the BEST!!!!

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