Podcast: Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! Happy Mother’s Day. 

The first mother’s day celebration took place in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia when Anna Jarvis campaigned for the holiday in honor of her mother. 

Back in the day, most mother’s ran the house and took care of the children.  The food on the table was what was grown and raised by the family.  There was not a diverse menu choice, and the most important aspect was to have enough to feed the family.  The worry was having enough not too much.  Survival of the children were largely the responsibility of mom.  Today, there are many more choices, and marketing can make food selection very confusing. 

The purpose of Mother’s day is to honor mom for her dedication to her family, and for doing the best she can in her own particular circumstance.

May all the Mother’s out there live to the fullest, lead by love and not fear knowing that their bond with their child will overcome any uncertainties they may face.  

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