Podcast: Headliners and Bullet Points

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Headliners and Bullet Points drive our information in today’s fast-moving world.  It is especially good when those headliners support our way of thinking.  Studies to prove our point supports our daily choices and perceptions.  But what about the fine print?  Some of us read the headlines and the abstract that summarizes the studies.  We might even drop down into the results.  A good study will have a great discussion about the pros and cons of the findings and almost always ends with a statement of more research is needed.  That is because there is no definitive answer in science.  There is always more to learn.  We change our behaviors as we learn.  The studies we like the most however,  support our own opinions.

Today, I will present two studies that differ from my opinion.  They do not support plant based nutrition and they get great headlines because they support mainstream opinion on nutrition and its role in health. I hope you enjoy my discussion.  

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    Chuck Culp

    Thanks again, Dr. Dulaney, for another informative talk. I also wonder why my local VegFests in Southeast Florida do not have more vegetables and fruit!

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    Small, Odd study to begin with…..I didn’t even know you could have 2 Tbsp of a vegetable? How can you possible dice, mash, or clump it into a Tbsp. Ridiculous!

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