Podcast: Hydrating for Health

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The accumulation of metabolic waste is the source of many lifestyle diseases.  But where is the waste accumulating and how do we get rid of it?

 As a cardiologist, I look at the blood vessel as an area that accumulates waste such as cholesterol, triglycerides, white blood cells, and inflammatory proteins under the endothelial layer.  We see some of the same things in joints and soft tissues that are inflamed.  In cancer, metabolic waste and toxin accumulation results in DNA damage that overwhelms the cell’s ability to repair itself.  In the gut, that accumulation is associated with constipation and obstruction leading to  toxin absorption into the lymphatic system causing further dysfunction of the immune system.

The best advice is not to accumulate the waste in the first part.  That would translate in to avoiding excessive food intake as well as toxic substances.  Our bodies have multiple paths to clear waste products if we can just be patient and allow it to do it’s job without adding further insult to injury.

Eat a high fiber, plant based diet.  Avoid unnecessary exposures.  Check out the to find out about toxic ingredients in common household products and foods.

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