Podcast-Mendocino 50K Report

Welcome and thank you for listening. I am an 50K Ultra finisher!. If you have not visited Mendocino, California and would like a vegan destination vacation this is the place. The Standford Inn is a great in that it is entirely vegan and pet friendly. Dog companions are even welcome to join you for dinner. The grounds are beautiful with raised beds terraced on the property and full of beautiful and colorful plants. The current growing season features fava bean plants with purple, pink and white flowers. There was red kale and cabbage as well as artichokes. Multiple varieties of greens and herbs were also plentiful. The apple trees were in blossom making the scenery at the Inn spectacular.
The race starts just across the river from the Inn and heads up a logging trail for about 8 miles before heading up a single track trail that winds through the red wood trees. I was aware there would be climbs but I did not comprehend the steepness and duration of each climb. Nor was I prepared well enough. Living in Florida does not give one too many options for hill training other than bridges and treadmills. Neither would be steep enough in the short term. More weight training to increase my back and leg muscle strength as well as prolonged walking/running on the maximal treadmill incline will be part of the next Ultra training plan. Nonetheless it was an epic experience and I enjoyed every minute. Not the seconds that I plunged to the ground, however. I hope you enjoy my story and more. Email me at and check out the website at Follow what I eat on Instagram at Jaimeladulaney and check us out on facebook under the same name.
Thank you for listening.

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