Podcast: Process or Outcome?

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Do you focus on the process or the outcome when it comes to goals or life changes.  How about your nutrition?  Is the authoritarian dogma slowing you down? Everyone wants to be healthy, but at what cost?  Can you have both?  

I would like to share some perspective with you today.  Let’s make healthy fun.  Let’s make plant based nutrition worth the chase and challenge.  Let me help you enjoy the process of being healthy. 

Email me at with questions.  Follow me on Instagram to see what I eat @jaimeladulaney.  

Be healthy, stay safe, and enjoy the journey!

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    Carrie Watson

    The recipes you talked about today sounded great. Do you have them listed anywhere? I would like to try them.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      I do not. However, we send out recipes each month in our general newsletter if you would like to sign up at the bottom of our home page

      thank you

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