Podcast: Let me tell you about HOPE

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! Today’s episode is timely.  It is spring, and there is hope for new life as we emerge from winter.  There is hope that the COVID-19 virus is not a virulent as some would suggest and that the infected numbers are going down and people are getting well.  There is hope that we have learned what we can do to make ourselves more healthy to fight infectious disease and stress.  

Today I speak of a personal perspective on Hope.  Hope should never be taken away.   How doing something is better than doing nothing.  The little things do really matter, and positive thoughts do really matter.  I believe this is one of my most important podcasts because everyone can relate.  Motivational speeches inspire for a while, but we really need to focus on what we can do.  Action.  I believe the best version of ourselves can only be attained by moving forward.  Celebrate what you can do today, and build on that tomorrow.  I will never take anyone’s hope away.  I believe everyone has a chance at health.  But, you have to have a plan.  If you are interested in learning more, email me at and visit the website at 

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    Thanks you for sharing your struggles with your injury. This podcast was one that was perfect timing for me! I heard a comment the other day from an instructor when I was on the Peloton Bike…. ” Don’t Shade Your Shine!”
    Thanks for bringing a little sunshine into my day!

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    Cheryl Miklaszewski

    This was your best Podcast ever for me! You showed us we all can experience a chink in our armor and know that it is a temporary setback. Your sharing was on such a personal level that I’m sure the largest majority of us have never experienced this with another physician. It’s nice to know that if we do all the positive things for ourselves that we have control over, our chances of coming out on the other side in better health is far greater! Thank you!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you!

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    Ruth Charlesworth

    A really great Pod-cast. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

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