Podcast: Run Walk Run with Jeff Galloway!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Plant based nutrition gives you a lot of energy.  The next step is upping your exercise.  The American Heart Association suggests 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week.  This is a minimum.  In fact there is no amount of exercise that has been shown to decrease cardiac fitness.  

Exercise is the best medicine to treat depression and reduce stress.  It has even been shown to improve memory.  As we age we loose muscle and bone mass often leading to joint instability and failure resulting in a need for replacement.  The best way to build muscle and bone is to do weight bearing exercise and running is the perfect fit.  

If you have not ran in a while or have told yourself you cannot run, it may just be a perception that has been holding you back.

Today’s episode with Jeff Galloway will show you that you can run at any age and even complete a marathon! We discussed his Run Walk Run method that decreases the risk of injury and eases you into running longer and longer distances.  

Put your shoes on, and take this episode for a walk or a run, walk, run.  If you are interested in learning more or would be interested in a plant based running weekend.  Contact me at Jami@doctordulaney,.com.  Visit the website and sign up for our monthly newsletter.  Join our group of members desiring to live a healthy lifespan!


Jeff Galloway:

books: The Run Walk Run Methong, Run to 100, Jeff Galloway Marathon and many more!

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    Very, very interesting! Never really thought of a walk run program…. always thought you needed to run it from beginning to end without stopping. Run or bonk!?! Thanks for this interview and methodology to run faster and safer. I am taking this all in and trying to figure out what is best to do. Bottom line, I have to start running as I learn, experiment and plan what is best for my body. Looking forward to figuring it all out!

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    Marie Merritt

    I’ve followed Jeff Galloway since he was an Olympian, so that makes me a long time fan. I have also used his method of walk/run/walk for years and highly advocate it..

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