Podcast: Running a Marathon and Plant Based Eating to Maximize Your Vascular Health

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I have been running marathons for over 19 years.  I have displayed my finishers medals and shirts in my office as a way to motivate my members on the importance of exercise.  I have a few members that have run marathons, but I cannot claim any of their motivation.  My thinking has been that if I can, anyone can.  This week a study came out to support that thought and take it a step further.  Running and training for a marathon can actually improve the function of your aorta.  The aorta becomes more elastic; in essence running a marathon makes one’s aorta younger. 

Just think of the possibilities of training for a marathon and eating plant based!  The blood vessels will be bathed in nitric oxide turning the clock back even further making them even more elastic and healthy.  

But, if we eat a perfect plant based diet and exercise only to have toxins from the environment rain down on us and infect the very air we breathe, we are still being harmed.   I am talking about our environmental problem with plastics.  I invite you to look at the plastic that you discard in a single day.  The cling wrap, produce bags, plastic vegetable cartons.  It is massive.  In this podcast I will share some things that I am going to improve in 2020 and give you some ideas on how you can become more healthy by reducing your plastic waste.  

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    Tina Johnson

    Hooray!!! Thank you for addressing plastic. In a time where our government has opted to stop collecting ‘recycle’ plastics, it’s time to reduce. Let’s THINK of the consequences just the last fifty years has made to our water!

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