Podcast: There are So Many Things You Can Do

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  We are learning more everyday about the role of microbes in health and wellness.  We continue to learn more about metabolism in health and in illness.  Yet somehow, it never gets past the journals.  It never gets implemented or promoted in peoples lives.  Not all published research is accurate, and sometimes researcher publish to publish instead of taking more time to do more in depth studies.  That can be very dangerous when it comes to medications.  We want cures released quickly, but we don’t want the potential side effects of such quick adoption of new therapies.  

That is where we as individuals can take control.  Today, I discuss some research papers on the microbiota, exercise, and metabolism.  We know that eating a whole foods, high fiber, plant based diet is the best way to maintain a healthy microbiota.  That healthy microbiota can be passed from mother to child giving them the best possible start on a healthy life just by breast feeding.  No gimmicks.  We also know that we can heal our blood vessels just by eating healthy nitric oxide producing foods and eliminating the junk food. Exercise increases blood flow and the delivery of those nutrients to our bodies and stimulates improved metabolic pathways.  

So eat fruit, vegetables and whole grains.  Exercise daily and often.  Get up every hour and move.  Get out in the sunshine.  Breath deep and thank you for listening to this podcast.  If you enjoy it, please share with your friends.  

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Thank you.

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