Podcast: What Group Are You Trying to Please and a Little Science to Boot!

Welcome, and Thank you for listening.  This week’s nutrition discussion centers around choosing.  Is dairy worse than sugar?  Is it ok if it might be plant based? Do you really want to leave your comfort zone and join those of us who are focused on health? 

We will discuss that topic and the topic of fueling for exercise.  What does the human body burn for exercise and what do we need to do to replace what is lost.  It is amazing that after all these years of being on the planet we are wired to worry about not getting enough.  The worry only seems to dim when we are stuffed to capacity with high calorie foods.  Picture the lion laying in the savannah after a feast, or the bear going to hibernate.  I get it for them.  They have to work to find food and it can be scarce for days.  Look around where you are right now.  I bet you can spot a source of food.  It might be in your hand.  We exercise to get our muscles stronger and to keep our bodies lean.  Yet the advertisers know just how to get you worried by warning to consume these fats and these branch chained amino acids.  They come along with very confident articles on just how your body burns fuel.  

Spoiler alert: The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says “much remains to be learned about free fatty acid metabolism during exercise”  We will talk about that and much more.  

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Thank you for listening. 

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