Podcast: Where are you on the scale of your health’s tipping point?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Do you think of nutrition as how much junk can I eat and get away with it, or what can I eat to preserve my health? The saying, we want our cake and eat it has a lot of validity.  

The vegan movement is focused on not eating animals and therefore, it is looking for substitutes for animal products.  There is not much claim for health other than a few marketing words such as nonGMO or gluten and cholesterol free.  Certainly, getting the cholesterol out of the diet is helpful.  But fat has always been the larger percentage of unhealthy ingredients.  When we see the vegan burgers or vegan eggs our dilemma of giving up something is gone.  

The same thing goes for curing lifestyle diseases.  We look first to pills or procedures that can offer us our beauty or health back without changing our current behaviors.  We blame our genetics on our health fate and are even willing to have them altered if possible to not have to change our current behaviors.  

There is not one pill in the compendium of pharmaceuticals that does not list interactions or side effects. If you alter one pathway, there will be consequence in another.  Can we afford the compromise is the only question?  Most people do not even ask what that compromise might be, including physicians.  

Dialing in your plant based nutrition and amplifying your exercise program can help you stay away for the slide down the scale to ill health.  Look to what you can do to maximize your nutrition and daily life instead of quick fixes.  Maximize today and tomorrow may be a little brighter. 

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Thank you for listening.  

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