Podcast: Who Are You?

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Who are you?  What story do you use to answer that question?  Perhaps your story fits who you are but not who you wish to be.  Today’s podcast is about changing the story to become more healthy.  Our story can help us accept our circumstances, but we often forget we are the authors of our future selves.  

Changing who you are is about changing your story.  Did a health crisis change your story?  Health care providers are at a very high risk of planting seeds to change people’s story.  Perhaps you were active then had an accident.  The doctor said you have bad knees.  You rewrite your story to fit your bad knees.  You cannot run, walk, or do sports.  You gain weight because of your bad knees.  You no longer enjoy travel because of your knees.  Your story totally changes because of what your doctor said about your knees.  

Today’s episode is about changing your story.  It certainly is not easy.  But the joy of becoming the Real You is worth a little suffering.  It is not a kick start or quick fix, it is a change in focus.  A change in your story that can lead your to a healthier life.  Have a listen.  Thank you. Discount code: cleanwaterforsophie

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