Podcast: You Have to Have Heart

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Happy Valentine’s Day.  Happy love and friendship to others.  But please wish yourself a Happy Valentine’s day.  Yes you are worthy of good health, love and friendship.  It starts with you.  Why not me? Why not you?  

Getting to be in control is powerful, and starting that control with your food choices will give you power and strength to make other good choices.  Choosing comfort food because it gives you control is merely a disguise for retreat and hurt.  Choosing health and healthy foods puts you on a course of determination and free choice for your health and health span. 

Allicin is a great protein found in garlic-listen to hear how.

You are never too old or too young to benefit from a plant based diet.  Find out how many years it will add to your life.  And that does not include healthspan.  

St. Valentine’s memory has lasted almost two thousand years because of his act of kindness and strength.  The Romans thought the heart was the center of emotions.  I would like to believe it is a connection to the soul of others.  There is no replacement for the human connection.  

Go ahead and share a little of your heart with someone this Valentine’s day.  Happy Valentine’s day. 

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Chocolate lava cake: Vegan_govegan on Instagram. 

Applesauce, oat flour, silken tofu vs yogurt, cacao powder, maple syrup, chocolate square, strawberries, soy milk and baking powder. 

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    So, I never really thought too much about alligators until this podcast. I have a few alligators that hang out in my community but they always seems so bored and lazy. Not much ever seemed to faze them. Now I think I will keep and eye on them from afar. I really like the “why not me?” part of the podcast. I often think that the roadblocks in our lives are setup by ourselves.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the link, I think I am going to try that recipe.

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    Suzie Matthews

    The only animal I am afraid of……alligators…. won’t even get in any waters of Florida……LOVE the QUICKSTEP at the end of the podcast…that was a treat…….glad you are able to run but you said the toe was “ broken”?…hmmmm…..
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you……hope your day is wonderful!!!!

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