Podcast: You are Never Out of Options

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It is my only option.  We are running out of options.  Those might be familiar phrases that you have heard or used in the past.  I would like to add that there are always options.  There are other choices, other perceptions, other stories, and other outcomes.  We limit our own options most of the time to the ones we want or that are easiest.  

February marks the beginning of heart month.  There are 650,000 deaths each year from cardiovascular disease and thousands more procedures done to try and decrease those numbers.  Despite all the interventions and medications, cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer.  The sad part is most of those deaths could have been prevented or delayed with another option. 

The problem is that the best option is not always the easiest option.  It does not always come naturally.  It is not always the quickest solution. 

To uses my broken toe as an example is a bit simplistic and much less serious.  However, my favorite option for fitness is running.  My favorite challenge is endurance during running and to strategize the training and racing of long events.  I will now have to limit weight bearing on my right foot because of my tiniest toe so that it can heal, and I can resume my favorite pastime.  The problem is fitness.  How will I maintain fitness and not use my foot.  I will need to  invoke options that I are not my favorite.  However, it gives me the opportunity to be creative and a chance to strategize how I will accomplish the task.  My desired outcome is to be healthy.  I will now have to use other options to achieve that outcome. 

We are never out of options, and the choice of options is yours.  You get to strategize and plan for your desired options.  Get as much information as you can and choose the best option for you. 

It is heart month.  There is no need for a broken heart.  Check out our website at or email me at for some options that may appeal to you. 

Thank you for listening.
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    Joseph Stamp

    Great piece……sorry you got injured…..I have done same and can feel the pain!

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    Suzanne McKenzie Diaz

    02 07 2022 Thank you so much Dr. Delaney !!
    I really enjoy your pod cast !! Great information!
    Sincerely appreciated,
    Suzanne McKenzie Diaz
    Hope you feel better from your toe injury. So painful.

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    Suzie Matthews

    Always enjoy your podcasts……..sure didn’t learn this in nursing school…..would have been nice…..

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