Episode 171-Siptopia, leptins and What the Fork!

Welcome and thank you for listening. Eating healthy is hard. There are temptations everywhere you look. Even the gas station is serving “food”. The reality is that they entice people to come in where they are greeted by sugary drinks and greasy food. Even at the pump the videos blare of all the treats inside. As I was pumping gas the other day, the pump was covered with advertisements about the smoothies available inside. Smoothie? They are healthy correct? They are not treats. They are sugar bombs that addict you and your children to simple sugars.
blareI am joined by Addie Majnaric, RDN for a short rant: What the Fork? about this and a few other things I am sure you will enjoy. Even Vinnie the cat was amazed.
I also present an exciting new study about atrial fibrillation and weight loss. We love helping people use food as medicine and are so excited for our patients that become medication free and full of energy.
I also talk about lectins, the new buzz word to sell books and make you feel good about not eating your vegetables. Spoiler alert, I am sticking to fruits and vegetables to fuel my Ironman training and racing.
I hope you enjoy the episode and as always email me at and please visit the website at to read my weekly blogpost and get new recipes and ideas to keep you healthy. Check out my Instagram feed @jaimeladulaney to see what I eat as well. You should also check out to get great ideas about eating plant based and wonderful nutrition information
Thank you for listening!

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    As always, wonderful information! I wish there were more plant based healthcare providers in my area.!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you!

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