Podcast: Cohabitating while Eating Plant Based

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Once you realize that nutrition plays a huge part in your overall health, you want the world to join you.  If eating can reverse lifestyle diseases, why wouldn’t anyone want to try it. Obviously, there are many reasons, but everyone gets to make their own choices.  Answer questions, when asked, but at the end of the day look for things you share and strive to be the healthiest you can be.  

The journey is important.  The journey or the process is more important than focusing on the outcome only. Each day we can do something positive to a healthier life.  Celebrate the wins and map out the road to your desired outcome.  Enjoy the journey and learn from it.  

Happy Heart month.  See how many days you can get a walk/run in for the heart month.  An hour is a great goal for daily cardiovascular health. 

I hope you enjoy today’s tips. 


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    Great info on cohabitating with dogs. If the Berrys ever get another dog it will eat meat based on what you learned when you got Sophie. Hope you heal quickly from your fall. I think we need to a have runner’s falling “club”.
    Loved the comment, ” Don’t just wear red and hope that someone else will fix you…. fix yourself by choosing and having a process that you can use to get to your goal of being heart healthy”.
    Berrys are having a health vacation in Mexico. … going back to the basics; eat mostly plants and move, move, move. Hope to come back healthier than when we arrived!
    Good Luck on your race next week!

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    Sorry about your fall Doctor Dulaney. I hope that you heal quickly. Thanks for the information on Turmeric.

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