Podcast: Eat Plant Based Like Someone is Watching!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  How can you worry about dying from a virus and not coronary heart disease?  It seems my local ER staff isn’t concerned.  If you are a women 45-50 your chances of a myocardial infarction (MI) or death from an MI is about 35/1000.  If you are a man in the same age group it is 75/1000.  or 3.5 -7.5% risk everyday of having a MI that could be fatal.  The same age group carries a risk of COVID death of less than 1%.   It looks to me like you would improve your odds by trading those hash browns for some fruit.  

It is so hard to say no if everybody is doing it!.  How could it be bad?  No one talks about the  1700 plus heart disease deaths each day of every year.  We can change that right now by changing our diets, and by doing so we also decrease our risk of dying of an infectious disease when exposed.  

How many people try to go plant based, and go out with friends that beg them to have animal products?  How many people say no to the fatty chips and sugary drinks because it looks better than the salad to them.  The first step is believing you can make a difference, and it matters everyday.  People talk about wearing a mask to protect others but then make poor dietary choices that pulls others into the same pattern.  We pick and choose our battles based on what sacrifices we have to make.  Wear your mask, but serve greasy burgers and fries to your family?  How many people are bringing fruit and homemade soups to those at risk for vascular disease and infectious diseases.  

It starts with one person setting the example.  If I can do it, so can you.  Let’s make our food choices healthy and diverse to feed our microbiome in ways that make us resistant to infectious diseases as well as lifestyle diseases.  

It is possible to go from the couch to the marathon if you have CAD.  It is possible to achieve a normal BMI through plant based nutrition and exercise.  We are doing this everyday in our wellness practice.  Doing the hard work by working together to make sure we all are healthy and happy.  It is not diet camp but a community of healthy individuals supporting each other as lifestyle diseases are reversed.  

I hope you enjoy by thoughts on health during today’s podcast.  Go on over to the website at and see how we are taking health into our own hands.  Follow me on Instagram and FB at Jaimeladulaney or the Plantbasedstriders.  I would love to hear from you.  

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