Podcast: Protecting your Health

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Protecting the aging heart is something all cardiologists should think about. In fact, we all should think about that as well as protecting the aging immune system, and the aging skeletal system.  Protecting against what? The problem is we don’t protect our bodies, we wait until they break and then try to patch things up.  Protection would mean we do not let the problems start.  Pathology begins to occur when there is an excess in metabolic waste within the cells and cell organelles.  A cluttering in the cells that does not allow for normal function and then actually causes dysfunction.  The problem is we don’t start to address the issues until there is dysfunction.  

How can we expect our bodies to fight serious infections like COVID if it is already working overtime just to function regularly.  The heart strains to pump blood to excess adipose tissue through blood vessels that are clogged with excessive inflammatory compounds, cholesterol, fat and glucose.  Our immune system is strained taking care of the toxins ingested on a daily basis and the inflammatory reactions that result all over the body.  We are walking around overweight with elevated blood pressures, heart rates and inflammation.  

The good news is that these things can be reversed through plant based nutrition and exercise.  Enjoy today’s podcast for tips to get around the areas in your life that trips you up.  

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    Suzie Matthews

    Wonderful podcast!!!!!

    Right up my alley……….

    Very well spoken and you are a great role model and mentor!

    Can hardly wait to meet with you and get started

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      Dr. Dulaney

      thank you

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    Margaret Popilek

    Thank you Dr. Dulaney for your show which covered Dental x-rays! I have been resisting x-rays at my dentist because I had breast cancer in 2015. I have been getting a lot of pressure from my dentist to get x-rays. Although I have a had a lot of cavities (from my previous SAD diet), my current dental health is excellent and I take very good care of my teeth. I printed out the FDA document you referenced. This will be very helpful to me next time I go to the dentist’s office to have this conversation with my dentist.

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