Podcast: The Yin and Yang

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Yes and no, black and white, mobile and stiff, yin and yang, win or loose.  What is the penalty for changing your mind?  We all agree change is a must, unless it has to do with your opinion or viewpoint.  We change our hair style and our clothes style.  We upgrade our phones.  But we are uncomfortable changing our philosophies.  Right or wrong is important. I believe that is why changing your nutrition can be so difficult.  Our views on eating are strongly attached to our beliefs. If we change, we are somewhat admitting we were wrong.  Perhaps view it as not being wrong before but being more right today.   Being on the right side of an argument is important to many of us.   These are the things that makes life a challenge.  When we can keep an open mind, it is easier to learn and change.  It may be easier yet  to change if we do not attach right or wrong to it.  

Today, I want to discuss change with regards to exercising, recovering and nutrition.  I think it will be a good exercise to look at a few examples as a means to learn and adapt.  It may also be a way to empathize with others on their viewpoint.  

To define something as better or worse, we need to place it in the context of a past event.  Otherwise, it just is. I like to find something each day that is good.  Perhaps it is even better than it was before, or it is just good for today.  I hope you enjoy today’s podcast as well as the rest of your day.  

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    Great podcast. Puts everything into perspective. We have to live our lives and not live in fear.
    Thanks Doctor D

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    Suzanne Matthews

    I just love to hear you talk,.Dr. D…………….you have so much wonderful information …..there is always so much to learn no matter how many year ‘s one has been Vegan or Plant Based……..thank you for being there for us!!!!

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    Charles Culp

    Thanks for the great advice Dr. Dulaney! Find the good in each day.

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