Podcast: Endothelial Cells and COVID-19; What you Need to Know

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Don’t eat that burger, it will destroy your endothelial cells.  That statement would make someone plant based immediately; correct? Vaping damages your lungs making you more susceptible to infections. How about high cholesterol is a risk factor for multiple sclerosis as is diabetes and being overweight.  That animal fat you are consuming on your cheese pizza is causing the production of TMAO by your gut microbes that will cause inflammation in your blood vessels.  

What is a person left to eat?  Cardboard? I am living proof as are many others that you can enjoy every meal and still be healthy. 

Everyone is in to blaming these days.  Blaming others for not being considerate if they don’t wear masks and infect those that are immune compromised.  Blaming businesses and governments for what they are or are not doing to prevent the current pandemic; SARS-COV-2.  Do we blame someone for decreasing the lifespan of  someone with cardiovascular disease if they take them to a restaurant that has noting but high fat, high cholesterol food choices.  Do we blame someone for the cardiovascular disease death or MI in a person if they bring in high salt, high fat snacks into the house of someone trying to reverse their vascular disease and eat in front of them knowing that most people cannot resist that temptation? 

Perhaps we should take back the risk of our life to ourselves.  As we age the risk of living increases.  Some much quicker than others. But blaming others is not the answer.  

Today I discuss why children do better with COVID-19 than adults.  I also discuss the need for us to clean up our own house that is full of metabolic waste products that damage our immune system.  Eating meat and a high fat diet increases the production of TMAO that is an inflammatory compound involved in the progression of vascular disease.  Hypertension and cardiovascular disease is the result of damaged endothelial cells that line the blood vessel.  These are also the risk for clotting during an infection with COVID-19.  They are reversible through plant based nutrition, but it is difficult especially when you are trying to go it alone.  

Protecting your family starts at the dinning table.  It starts with the food you prepare and purchase.  It is the best money you will ever spend on your health.  

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Thank you for listening!

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    Suzanne Matthews

    Very informative…….a lot of good advice!

    So glad you take the time to have these Podcasts!

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