Podcast: Plant Based Mom Mom

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I am very lucky that the various hats I wear seem to connect easily with my nutritional choices.  

I was a daughter, doctor, wife and mother in that order, before  I became plant based nutritionally.  I became Mom Mom recently, and it is my favorite of all.  My roles are all very important to me, and it would be quite hard to do them independently as some people do.  Perhaps I can help you do some of your roles in harmony. 

This weekend, I got to be mom mom.  To Caleb, I am mom mom not doctor or plant based.  But because I am plant based, I can participate in activities with him such as tackle football, and trucks on the ground.  I get to participate in the joy of watching him grow and develop.  We got to cook together, eat together and play together.  

I wan to help you be an active parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle and enjoy the beauty and wonder of watching someone grow.  Join me for a few tips and stories.  Thanks for listening. 

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