Podcast: Episode 160-with Margaux Khoury-Healthy Deodorant with a Conscious



Welcome and thank you for listening.  Today I interviewed Margo Khoury of The Best Deodorant in the World.  She describes business as socially conscious.  When most people choose to live a plant-based lifestyle, they have a desire to be the healthiest that they can be.  Certainly, what we put in our mouths can go a long way to help or hurt that mission.  Exercise is another important role to make our bodies as fit and functional as possible.  Often, we fail to realize that our skin care products, tooth pastes, and other topical products can have an impact on our health as well.  Deodorant is one of them.  Most commercial brands contain aluminum, parabens and other chemicals that have known harmful affects.  Breast cancers most often occur in the upper outer quadrant not far from the axilla where we apply these chemical daily.  Margo and her husband decided to make a safe and effective deodorant but that was not enough.  She learned about the 800 million people in this world without access to clean water.  She decided to share the proceeds of her deodorant sales with who actively provide safe drinking water to those in need.  Every jar of deodorant that she sales will go to provide clean water for a year to someone in need.  Check out her story on the podcast and advance your healthy lifestyle by choosing non toxic healthy deodorant and other skin care products.  Avoid deodorants that contain aluminum, parabens and triclosen.  Check out her website at the and  If you have questions, please email me at  Check out my website at


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