Podcast: Episode 172-The Opportunity to Change for the Better

Welcome and thank you for listening. Life expectancy numbers have recently shown the US at number 27, below smaller countries such as Croatia and South Korea despite the billions of dollars we put into “healthcare”. To no surprise to my listeners, it has been attributed to our poor diet with 80% of Americans not getting the RDA for fruits and vegetables. As I was driving to swim practice, I noticed the line at McDonalds that circled the building at 6am. Those folks are starting their day behind in nutrients and ahead on toxin production that their body has to take on from the very start of their day. I was glad to hear my nutrition class report the fruits they had eaten for a day when we went around the room. Everyone ate at least 5 servings. My hope is to even increase that number along with the nutrient density of their vegetable choices each meal.
If we are not focused on change to improve our health, we will certainly be declining. We often leave our health for the broken healthcare system to fix. We follow the leads of our trusted physicians who are often not questioning their practice of medicine and how they might change it to make things better. In this episode I discuss an example of an unfortunate outcome of a patient following the lead of the healthcare system. It is not that they meant harm but the protocols moved so fast, and there was such a lack of communication, she became lost in a sea of treatment modalities that seemed to just be causing her more problems. This is certainly not the case most of the time, but patients deserve to be heard and educated and given the opportunity to ask questions and make their own decisions.
The most important thing a person can do to assure their health is to eat a whole foods plant based diet. That is a big change for a lot of people and can be very frustrating and confusing. I hope you find this podcast helpful in your journey to become the healthiest person you can be. Please email me with questions at and check out our website at for more information about our practice along with educational blogposts and recipes. Thank you for listening.

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    Donna Berry

    Thanks for continuing to stress that supplements are not needed if you are eating a healthy diet. This has saved the Berry household money that is now being spent on trying new plant-based items. Love those soy curls!

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thanks for listening to the podcasts!

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    Again, such wonderful information! Thanks for all you do to get people healthy in the right way.!

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