Podcast: Finding Beauty in Change

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Have you heard the song; A Few of My Favorite Things?  This episode has a few of my favorite things I find beautiful.  The little things that can make your day.  If little things make you smile, perhaps finding the little but beautiful things in a healthy lifestyle can also make your day better.  

Change is hard.  Learning something new or creating a new habit is also challenging.  If you can find a little piece of beauty or joy in the change, it is better.  Piece a few little things together, and over time it becomes a beautiful change.  

I will share with you my menu planning strategies.  If you find them interesting or would like to share them with friends, we are offering a one night zoom menu planning conference.  Addie Majnaric, RDN and I will be preparing a few favorite entrees that are plant based twists on familiar foods the whole family enjoys.  Go on over to to purchase your gift tickets for the conference.  It will also make a great stocking stuffer for those you would like to give the gift of health. 

Our Plant Based Wellness Cookbook is also an excellent gift to grab on Amazon at

Email me at  with questions.  Thanks for listening. 

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