Podcast: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  

This year’s Christmas is not about traditions for me.  It is about the basics.  Health and wellness.  The simple things.  How do you make your health a little better each day.  Both mental and physical? How do you choose to tell the story?

I hope your holiday story is one of health and happiness.  Peace and gratitude.  

If you would like to take your health and nutrition to a new level or give the gift of health, we are offering a one evening zoom conference where Addie Majnaric, RDN and I will take well know dishes and make them plant strong and nutritious.  We will be discussing the nutrient and science to support a plant based lifestyle.  I hope you or someone you care about will join us. 

You can purchase tickets or sign up to be a member of our practice at

Thank you for listening.  Happy Holidays

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    Chuck Culp

    So sorry to hear about your exposure to Covid19 and subsequent quarantine. Hopefully, your excellent health and positive attitude will prevent the virus from getting a foothold in your body, and as you mentioned, allow you to produce antibodies. ,

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    Debbie Zimmerman

    So sorry to hear of your Covid exposure and I hope it doesn’t turn into a diagnosis. God’s blessings on your Christmas season and prayers for continued good health.

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