Podcast: Interview with Sandy Geisel: Running 60 marathons in one year at age 60: Plant Based

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Today I have Sandy Geisel as a guest.  She is a long time ultra runner and adventure racer.   Sandy just completed 60 marathons in her 60th year of life.  Sandy also has a significantly high calcium score.  Listen to the episode to find our our approach to an elevated calcium score.  

Our practice takes a whole patient approach.  We do not just look at numbers and tests.  We work to maximize health through lifestyle interventions.  Nutrition, mobility and mindset are keys to a healthy life.  Sandy sets this example and I hope you enjoy listening to her.


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    Suzie Matthews

    I think this is so great that people can run at any age…..or dance or anything….you do feel so good,and healthy and enjoy the social sheer joy of being involved…..and it is a great goal to look forward to……and passion….
    I am still running….not for marathons but every morning about 20 minutes in the neighborhood….plus still do my dancing three times a week……
    Great interview with Sandy………you both are great mentors!!!!!

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