Podcast: Odyssey Swim Run Austin

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People like us do things like this…Seth Godin

We did the Odyssey Swim Run Austin last weekend, and I will be giving you our race report.  Spoiler alert: IT WAS GREAT!

Why were there not more people in the 50-70 age group there?  Why is my local pool empty at 6:30 am for lap swimming?  Who put the bulletin out that we were meant to sit inside and melt after kids went off to high school and college? Who doesn’t want to run with their grandkids in a 5K or ultra?

It is the story we tell ourselves that sets limits on life.  We don’t associate the steak dinner with arthritis and cancer.  Just a little indulgence could not cause much harm.   Tell that to your gut microbes.  A marshmallow sized piece of toxin doesn’t sound like much to a 170-pound man.  But that marshmallow sized toxin is becoming bigger when you feed it to a mouse and even bigger when you feed it to a bacterium that has a lot to say about your immune function and overall inflammatory health. 

What is your story?  People like you do what things like this.  Your choice, and there are many.

 I believe you get to choose what path that is right for you.  You get to take responsibility.  That should never be taken away in any life decision.  But, remember, there are many choices and opportunities to be active all of your days.  People like us do things like this.  Thanks for listening.

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