Podcast: Conversations with Harvey Lewis III on Running, Plant Based Eating, and Motivation.

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 This podcast features Harvey Lewis III, a very accomplished ultra runner, plant based eater and inspirational man. 

He has run the Badwater 135 mile ultra 10 times winning the race in 2014 and 2021.  He is a schoolteacher by day and has been commuting to work under human power for over 6 years. It is his goal to spread the word of health through plant based nutrition and running.   

We discuss his training and mental preparation as well as his plant based philosophy.  I was very interested in his metabolism, and how he can absorb enough calories to maintain his running.  How does he run 354 miles and then return to running in just a few days without soreness or injury?  What is his “why” for running so long?  We tackle these and many more topics today.  I hope you enjoy my chat with Harvey. 

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    Suzie Matthews

    Always great listening to other plant- based people,athletes ….Harvey’s journey sounded fascinating……..

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