Podcast: Positive Change Starts at Home

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How do we affect positive change in a world that is so divided?  I believe it starts at home.  Living in harmony in our personal environments then translates to harmony extended into the world around us.  We cannot depend on others to affect positive change if we make no efforts ourselves.  We are over a year into a pandemic with little direction on how to make ourselves healthier from the medical community other than vaccinate.

We live a fast paced, hack driven, drive through, quick fix, world, centered on the get it now with the least amount of effort.  Our food and water sources have been contaminated with the chemicals needed for quick mass production of mono-crops geared at convenience foods.  Our society has become obese and at the same time nutrient deficient.  We have attempted to sanitize and destroy our micro-environments both in nature and our individual bodies to the point that we are no longer in balance with the trillions of micro species that we share the planet with. 

The response to these failed attempts at living in harmony with nature has been a war on nature that we will not win. 

This podcast is about positive change.  This podcast is not repeating the errors of history.  This podcast is how to start in your own microenvironment and make positive changes for your health and those around you and those to come in the future. 

I hope you will gain peace and purpose from this podcast and eliminate fear that has no place in a healthy environment. 

Thank you for listening. 

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    Suzette Trainor

    Awesome message Dr. Dulaney and such a relief to hear from others that are like minded. Thankyou

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