Podcast: The First Thing to Do is Start.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Instead of looking at how fast you can get healthy, perhaps let’s focus on getting a little better everyday.  January is the month to go out hard and try to become healthy as quick as possible so that we can revert back to our old habits as soon as possible.  Usually, the means loose weight and exercise only to gain it all back and drop the gym membership. 

There is nothing better than deciding to change your nutrition to plant based.  But for a lot of people that is a huge change.  It can seem like there are so many rules that it is impossible to follow.  Do you really have to give up everything you love in order to become healthy?  The “other”  diets let you eat meat and cheese and eggs as much as you want.  These are familiar tasty foods.  You don’t have to learn a different way to cook.  In fact you don’t have to cook at all.  You can eat out completely and be paleo or keto.  So why suffer with learning to cook, shop and eat vegetables that you never have eaten?  

What about exercise?  Is there a minimum or maximum that we need to do.  Is there a benefit to more?  

These are a few of the topics in this week’s discussion.  Spoiler alert.  It is going to be ok, and yes, the health benefits of eating plant based are worth a little education.  We would love to help you.  Visit after listening to this episode.  Perhaps you would like to become an online member of the practice.  You can sign up for our monthly newsletter to get recipes and wellness tips each month.  Consider coming to our 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference in Punta Gorda, Florida March 30, 2019.  You can get the link to to purchase your tickets.  Email me at with any questions.  

Thank you for listening.  

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