Podcast: The Gift of Health

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We all want to be healthy, but many of us struggle with the change to a healthy lifestyle.  What gets in the way.  Spoiler alert, you are supporting it on your shoulders, and perhaps in your heart.  Sure, there are roadblocks everywhere, but they don’t stop you from getting where you really want to go!  Perhaps it is not what is stopping you, but really what you are running from.  

The holiday season is difficult for many people.  The pressure for perfection can be overwhelming.  Perhaps a different view is in order.  A view that looks at the simple signs of hope and peace all around us.  The efforts people  make to show they care.  I hope you find some of my suggestions helpful.  

Take a moment to enjoy the silence.  Take your nutrition back to the basics.  Fruits and vegetables in their natural form without adding toxins and distractions.  Do something simple but thoughtful for someone and observe their reaction and then yours.  Peace and happiness is not as hard to find as you might expect.  You just have to appreciate it in small doses.  

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    Thank you for all the great information, I would love to hear more on dinner planning. I struggle horribly with trying to come up with dinner ideas. I work 12-14 hours a day and when I get home it’s usually a bowl of cereal.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      thank you, I will!

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