Podcast: The State of the Medical Community

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 Do you go to your doctor to hear what makes you happy or to hear the truth about your state of health?  Would you like to go back to the old days when a physician might not tell you the truth about your prognosis because he didn’t think you could understand or handle it?  

Medicine went through a transition not all that long ago to emphasize the patients right to know and make informed decisions.  It is when consent forms started to be a part of medical practice in the late 1980s. However, we are having a shift in healthcare to more of a popularity contest.  Feel good medicine.  Take this pill and you will be ok, or feel better, or feel nothing.  Let’s put candy in the waiting room to reward you for coming to check on the state of your health decline.  Now there is even a push to offer ice cream as a means to get people to have a colonoscopy!!!

Before you sign on to the ice cream truck mobile colonoscopy unit, let me bring you back to reality.  There is not a pill or procedure that eliminates lifestyle diseases.  Health starts and stops at the dinner table.  You health decline does not take breaks for ice cream nites, or weeks without exercise.  And it certainly does not take breaks for cheesecake after gastric bypass or ice cream preps for colonoscopies. 

We want to help people achieve optimal health and wellness.  It involves a hard look at ones present state of health and education to see that the shiny boxes and billboards are products with the financial health of the manufacture or salesperson first. 

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    John and Anne Harrington

    Good luck on the upcoming swim run event! Great podcast, very true about the medical community.

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    Pat Walker

    Have a great time!!!

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    Suzie Matthews

    Another great Podcast…covered a lot of important facts……..about health and exercise………..
    Good luck on your swim/ run, Dr. D……..sounds like such fun and you are so brave to swim in the Colorado River………can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I had a thought about feet…… to really properly care for one’s feet if we are runners or dancers ,etc….I do foot soaks and foot massages…but any suggestions would be great……

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