Podcast: Training to be a Grandparent

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I had the pleasure of welcoming my second grandchild, Cecelia Joy, into the world last week.  It is a blessing getting to experience the world through the eyes of a child, and do be able to do it as a grandparent is even more special.  We have time and perspective that allows us to have a special bond different from the parents.  The pressure is off.  We are the good guys.  

But how much time, and what is the quality of that time?  My grandparents died when I was fairly young and I wished I had more time with them.  For the last several years of their lives, they were not that mobile and limited in their activities.  It does not have to be that way.  But you cannot rely on luck.  How do you get to be the cool grandparent that does not hold anyone back and encourages living life to the fullest.  

Today’s episode is a grandparent want a be training boot camp.  Join me in living life to the fullest.  After you finish the episode, slide on over to 

and check out our practice opportunities.  We will get you in shape through a varieties of plans.  

Today’s study references:,for%20set%20periods%20of%20time. Discount code: cleanwaterforsophie

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