Blog post: Everyday is a pearl; you just have to look for it.

I love how everything works out for a reason and if we can just take a moment to observe our environment we can learn a little pearl of wisdom each day. During the day while meeting with a patient, she expressed her frustrations of becoming plant based. She shared her social environment was that of frequent dining out, or making multiple meals and being surrounded by meat lovers. Her conclusion was she would probably have to stay on medication until she was no longer engaged in social functions.
Fast forward to evening. I was invited to a plant based meet-up group showing of What the Health to be proceeded by dinner at P.F. Changs which is an American Asian fusion chain restaurant. I was excited to dine with people of the group and to meet new people. Typically, I do not eat out very often, but I am never stressed about finding plant based food. Sometimes it requires compromise such has eating off the sides menu or sticking with “safe foods” such as raw appetizers and salads. The food was not the primary goal. The social aspect was the event I looked forward to. We met at the restaurant. They were willing to do steamed vegetables and rice and offered the sauce on the side for those interested. It was great. A large bowl of broccoli, snap peas, asparagus, carrots, mushrooms and tofu with brown rice. The vegetables were not overcooked. It was a simple meal and not calorie dense but very filling. It served a great purpose. Nutrients and dining out with others. We met new people and the conversation was happy and positive. What a great evening. Happiness and gratitude. We then gathered to watch the movie in a beautiful venue. More positive. I answered questions at the end. The comments and questions were positive and hopeful.
So what is the lesson? You can go out and eat healthy by making the mindful choice. It may involve a little compromise in the excitement department but choosing to be around positive happy people makes up for any menu compromise. If you enjoy someone’s company but not their nutritional choices, it is often best to agree to disagree and not discuss it further. We are social beings and your menu choices should not hamper that. You will feel much better making healthy food choices and feel positive about regaining your health than to view eating out as a confrontation about your food choices. If you are happy about your lifestyle choices then others may eventually seek to attain a similar healthy lifestyle. You should never have to compromise your healthy to make others happy.

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