Podcast: Can I Just Stop My Medication?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Can you just stop medications?  Your doctor may say you can never stop your medications.  What if you ask why?  Are you an annoying patient because you ask questions or question the answers?  These situations lead to distrust and confusion.  What is your roll in becoming healthy.  Will your risk be decreased if you are plant based.  

There could not be a time of more medical confusion or doubt.  Who do you trust when there are not any experts.  Do we go by what we want to hear or take the worst case scenario? 

I encourage you to ask questions and more questions.  I encourage you to be the director of your health decisions after you have taken in all of the answers.  Remember, I don’t know is a valid answer in times like these, and the person who says I don’t know may be the most honest in the room.  

Enjoy the podcast and remember; wash your hands and be kind to strangers.  You do not know their struggles.  Go to and sign up for our newsletter to get monthly wellness tips and an invitation to our virtual practice tour coming this summer.  Email me with questions and by all means get outside and get some sunshine.  

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