Podcast Episode 132-Hurricane Irma Plant Strong

Welcome and thanks for listening. I am relieved to have survived Hurricane Irma and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by Harvey and Irma. In this episode I discuss my preparations for Irma and my plant based routine. It is certainly easier to do if you have been plant strong for some time but can be done quite easily and affordably. Just like preparing for a Hurricane you need to prepare your home to be plant strong. That means having plenty of dried goods like beans and grains. Potatoes and onions keep well in a dark pantry. I witnessed people buying chips and fried frozen junk food that not only does not last but will not help you to sustain stressful and sometimes demanding times. We can be victims of desasters or use them to learn and grow and become stronger. Are you prepared to go without power? Can you work outside and walk distances without tiring. If not now is the time to make a plan to get into good physical shape. Of course that begins with a plant strong diet full of anti oxidants and antiinflamatory nutritents. If you are not sure what to do let me guide you.

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