Podcast: 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Recap

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference was a success.  I believe the best conference we have done yet! Many thanks to Lynda Albert our event cohost, Addie Majnaric, RDN, Eric O”Grey, Alan Goldhamer and our chef, Cheffy Bowman.  I would also like to thank our sponsors and TowerGarden of JuicePlus.  It was a great day of motivation, education and celebration and we are already planning next year.  The date has been set for March 28, 2020.  

I love to learn and observe.  Hearing topics presented with a different twist along with new information is a great way to solidify knowledge.  Many of our members feel uncomfortable or unsure of their plant strong convictions when bombarded by questions from their friends. Being at a conference like this one is a way to gain a deeper understanding not only of the science of plant based nutrition but the impact that it has on peoples health.  As they say you are never too old to learn and I can attest to that.  

In today’s episode, I share some of my insights on the topics presented at the conference.  I hope you enjoy.  

Please check out the website for more information and opportunities to join our membership practice or subscribe to our newsletter and weekly blog.  You will also find a link to .  We have partners with pl to develop and promote an athletic bundle that will allow athletes to obtain great plant based nutrition even when traveling or just to busy to cook.  You can get your nitric oxide promoting beets and many other nutrient dense foods that are tasty and handy.  

As always,  thank you for listening.  

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