Podcast: Children, Walking, and Broccoli.

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Is feeding kids plant based unhealthy?  Is it too risky and complicated to try? The healthiest 2 year old I know has been plant based since conception.  Children are growing and developing and require more attention to nutrients.  We assume that if they are not underweight, they are getting all the nutrients they need.  The problem with eating a vegan diet is that it is not calorie dense and children may not get the nutrients they need if they do not consume enough food.  That said fiber is one of the healthiest parts of a plant based diet.  It leads to a healthy gut microbiome and hence, a healthy immune system.  Junk food diets tend to be high in calories, low in fiber and high in metabolic waste such as preservatives, artificial colors and tastes and toxins.  We assume that if a child is growing they are healthy.  That is more often than not the case.  

Why is broccoli so good for you?  Does it loose nutrients when it is cooked?  Are powders and pills just as good?  We will discuss this and more.

Can you walk off diabetes?  If so how much do you have to walk.  How should we measure our activities.  Is more better? 

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