Podcast: Covid-19 will not stop us.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. We regret to inform you of the cancellation of the Fifth Annual Plant Based Nutrition Conference in Port Charlotte.  HOWEVER, we are going to do it live AUDIO!   Go on over to and get your tickets (2020 Plant Based Wellness Audio Conference).  Pam Popper, PhD, Caryn Hartglass, Addie Majnaric, RDN, and myself will be doing 2 TED style presentations each followed by Q and A.  Extras included are our slides and the recipes for the dishes we were going to serve at the Port Charlotte event.  

Addie joins me today to talk about COVID-19 and what you can do to make your family more prepared.  Nothing stops plant strong people.  We hope that your family remains healthy.  We want to spread positivity through good nutrition and an active healthy lifestyle.  
Email me at with questions.  

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    Congrats on the great news being a grandma and mom!

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    Donna Berry

    Love the concept of our community being the “Green Zone” 🙂

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