Podcast : Eating; It is Not about the Time

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We all agree that a normal BMI decreases cancer risk and recurrence as well as cardiovascular disease.  But how that is achieved results in a continuous stream of advice and hacks on how to accomplish most easily and quickly.

I do not believe it is as much when we eat as it is what we eat.  Intermittent fasting is another word for intermittent eating which is another word for time restricted feeding. 

What we do need some rules or accountability.  We all have circadian rhythms that guide our wake and sleep times as well as hormonal outputs and our hunger. 

My takeaway thoughts:

Mindful eating is better achieved on a schedule that is congruent with your lifestyle.  What is your work schedule? Travel schedule? Family schedule?

It you eat on a schedule; you are more likely to be mindful of what you are consuming. 

Do you think Doctors need more nutritional education?  You might be surprised who is against it. 

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