Podcast: Energy vs. Nutrition

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What is the best nutrition plan? What are your goals?  Weight loss and nutrition are not the same all circumstances.  The outside appearance is what we see, but inside is much more important to health span.  When marketers claim their diet is the best, most sustainable, or anthropologically correct, they are still marketing.  

Let’s start with your most important goals.  Perhaps you think you are really healthy, but just need to loose weight.  Are you interested in health span or longevity?  Being really thin, may improve your longevity at the expense of your health.   Examples may be progression of atherosclerosis, cancer, or osteoporosis despite being thin.  Nutrient density should take the first priority when looking at energy restriction.  We are also feeding our microbiome when we choose a nutrition plan that can also affect our health.  

I will discuss a few options for success during this episode.  

I will throw in a few thoughts about COVID screening, PCR and antigen testing as well.  Be healthy.  Eat healthy.

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