Podcast: Creating a Story of Health

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We make thousands of decisions each day and have as many different events in our lives.  Some events we plan and some we react to.  How we react is our choice.  It is also our choice on how we weave the story of our lives from those events and our perceptions of them.   We choose different events throughout our lives to justify why our story is such.  Others may have a totally different story of your life.  But ultimately, your story is the real one and the one remembered long after you are gone.  

The story of your health and nutrition are the same.  You get to write it.  Sure things happen that you didn’t expect or even deserve.  But how you reacted is the real story that you get to write.  Our relationship with food is part of our story.  However, we still have the opportunity to write that story how we choose. 

I hope you can find a bit of blue sky in each day and each meal that helps you write a story of health and fulfillment.  Remember it is your perception that ultimately defines your story.  

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    Joseph Stamp

    Nice piece….great outlook!

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