Podcast: Happy Healthy Father’s Day

Welcome and thank you for listening. Happy Father’s days to all of the dads that tune in. This episode is dedicated to my father who has passed. It is my hope that by getting this message that plant based nutrition can reverse lifestyle diseases, many dads will not necessary develop these terrible diseases at such a young age. What has always been done does not often has little to do with what should be done. Working long hours and not taking time to care for one’s one health does not help anyone in the long run. What is accepted as comfort food or rewards for stress or a quick snack to keep us going often takes it’s toll over the long run. The reality is those so called treats are not even savored but eaten in a hurry while doing something else.
What really matters is the time you spend with those your care about not what you eat when you are around them. Can we be healthy and eat comfort food once in a while? It depends on your why. If it is to reverse disease and live the best and the healthiest you can then I believe the answer is no.
It is my wish that you find health and happiness being active with those around you that you care most about. It is not the comfort food but the comfort shared with others experiencing the beauty that this planet has to offer.
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