Podcast: Have the Courage and all will be fine

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!  Why do some people seem to make the transition to plant based nutrition so easy and others struggle.  Why does there have to be pain before people make a change.  

I have been treating people with lifestyle diseases my whole career, and it has only been since incorporating nutrition classes into my practice that I have been able to see reversal of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension as well as many autoimmune diseases.  

We will discuss stumbling blocks to change, success stories and much more in today’s episode.  

Please email me with questions at and check out the website at to see how you can become part of the practice.  

Thank you for listening. 

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    Suzanne Matthews

    Another wonderful Podcast! thank you so much Dr. D….
    I have to tell you….this has never been a struggle for me after being a Vegan for over 45 years….that was not a struggle either…because I do not ever want heart disease,cancer or that awful diabetes….etc. diseases….and never want to be on drugs……..the right diet is what it is all about and people should pay attention to your words……….we are always learning……..right now,I feel , is very crucial to keeping a healthy body free of any animal products……..thank you once again!

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    Ruth Charlesworth

    Great Podcast! Shared it with a Florida friend. Bob and I are in Western NC working in ministry and eating Plant Based. Could never go back to anything else. Can never thank you enough for your excellent nutrition education.

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    Pat Walker

    Thanks for this podcast. It hit home!

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