Podcast: Let’s Prevent Heart Disease

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A recent study showed a death rate for the first heart attack of 17.8 % over 28 days.  62.3% of those deaths occurred in the first 24 hours. 

Are you at risk, or only the old folks need worry?  The truth is that over the past decade the number of heart attacks are decreasing but they are occurring at younger ages.  The deaths from cancer and heart disease in those younger than 65 are approaching each other especially in women.  

The biggest risk for heart attacks and strokes is diabetes and PRE Diabetes.  You know, the don’t worry you are only borderline diabetic kind.   Those ads on TV stating you can decrease your glucose or HgA1C with certain medications never mention a decrease in heart attacks, because they don’t.  

Diabetes is a risk for atrial fibrillation and embolic strokes as well as ischemic strokes.  You never hear the pharmaceutical companies say their medications can reverse that risk.  

My best advise: plant based nutrition and exercise.  Big changes are needed to get the best results.  It is not for a short time but for a life time.  

Email me at  with questions.  Check out our website at to become a member, get a consult, or purchase tickets to our upcoming zoom conference on Sourdough bread, fermentation and gut health.  Remember, the best way to the heart is through the stomach.  Let’s keep it healthy!

Thank you for listening. 

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    Joseph Stamp

    Nice piece! Been awhile since we talked but that’s because we are proof that plant based and exercise work!
    Be safe and make it a great day……the Stamp Family!🇺🇸🚴🏼‍♂️

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    Donna Berry

    WOW! The sedentary vs active lifestyle study and heart attack survival rate was jaw dropping!!! Thanks for all the simple but life changing ideas we all can incorporate in our everyday life.

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    Suzie Matthews

    Always a good podcast……..thanks for keeping us on our toes!!!!

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