Podcast: Making a Health Journey Plan and Sticking to IT

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  What are your health journey goals?

How about your movement goals?  Do you have a plan to achieve the goals or are you just floating through life hoping for a good outcome?  Most people are told that you cannot reverse lifestyle diseases.  They just happen and you must adjust to taking medications and being a “patient”.  I do not believe that is the truth.  However, you must have a specific plan and monitor your progress as you go along.  

This is where devices come in.  You have to actually use them instead of collect them.  A dusty scale does not hold you accountable or help monitor fluid balance.  Continuous glucose monitoring only helps if you use the information to adjust your intake.  You must use the data in real time.  Smart watches are great to track heart rate during exercise and at rest.  But you have to wear them and active them with exercise and then look at the data.  By doing this, you can get an idea of what your baseline numbers are and then track the changes over time.  

Consistency is key.  Intermittent attention to the plan results in yo yo results and no forward progress.  

The sky is the limit.  Take on challenges and make a plan.  If you would like us to help you, check out the website at

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    Cheryl Miklaszewski

    GREAT podcast!!! Missed a few but I was supposed to hear THIS one! Thanks!

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