Podcast: Who is Taking the Risk and Who Benefits?

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Patients rights.  Informed consent.  Who really benefits from these concepts? If I inform you of the risks and benefits they are supposed to be to the best of my knowledge.  You would need to know the depth of my knowledge to fully understand that.  The other problem is when people are in destress or pain, they often only hear the first sentence or so.  Their minds are racing with their own questions and concerns.  Living often trumps some discomfort or chance of survivable injury.  I often hear that my doctor is the best.  He is one of the top in the world.  Back room news, there is no contest or ranking of the best.  Brick and mortar institutions carry little guarantee of the best.  They are often the most political and often owe quite a bit to their funding organizations.  Bottom line, stay healthy.  If you do become ill, do your research.  Bottom line, it is better to stay healthy.  

Staying healthy requires taking some responsibility.  If you want to decrease risk, improve your baseline health.  How?  Plant based nutrition and exercise.  The other key to success is being your own cheerleader.  No one has your ear better than your own inner voice.  You can do it.  One more step.  Anybody can walk 3 miles.  I get to see the sun rise while exercising.  It is all self talk.  Positive or negative.  You get to choose, and that choice affect your health greatly.  Enjoy the podcast.  Thanks for listening. 

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